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The American Legion Riders


The first ALR chapter started at Post 396 in Garden City, Michigan in 1993. Chuck Dare was the first director and the main purpose of the group was to give Post members with motorcycles the opportunity to have “FUN”.  When Roy and I met him a few years ago he still stressed that the ALR’s main focus should always be to have “fun”.

The National Executive Committee officially adopted The American Legion Riders (ALR) as a national program with Resolution 35 (October 2007) and Resolution 32 (May 2011).

The first ALR chapter in SC was formed in Goose Creek in 2004.

Chapter 3 was formed thereafter, becoming the first ALR chapter in the upstate.


       We meet the first Thursday of each month, at Post 3, at 6:30 PM.  Join us for a meeting.

       Or contact our current Director, Kevin Smith, by Email, or phone/text @ 864-501-2480.

       For ongoing discussions of this ALR chapter, and tracking upcoming events, see our Facebook Group:

       Currently we have approximately 15 members and there are over 100K members in the U.S.


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Membership eligibility requirements are clearly stated in the program guidance defined by Resolutions 35 and 32: "All members of The American Legion Riders shall be current members of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion".  All ALR members must own a motorcycle and be licensed and insured to operate the motorcycle.

We are NOT a motorcycle club and do not wear the ‘MC’ patch but are referred to as a single patch organization.  By being single patch riders we have immunity from the turf claims of the 3 patch clubs. 

Largest draw for membership from outside the AL began in response to funeral protest by certain misaligned church members in the Midwest. The ALR started the Patriot Guard in order to mobilize more riders to insure that our returning casualties of war receive the dignity, honor and respect that they are entitled.  Many of us also have dual membership in that organization and all of us support their mission.


Today over 425 American Legion Riders programs, organized by chapters, districts, or departments, support Americanism and Children and Youth programs in virtually every state in the nation, and more are organizing each month. One of the fastest growing and most highly visible of the many programs offered by The American Legion, The American Legion Riders are a very diverse group, and so are the programs that they support. What do American Legion Riders do? The activities are far too many to mention in this space, but here are a few examples:

American Legion Riders chapters and districts, nationally have become some of the most generous donors for the American Legacy Scholarship Fund, raising as much as $5,000 or more in a single event.

Legion Riders participate in the annual POW/MIA Rally held each Memorial weekend in Washington D.C. known as "Rolling Thunder".

Legion Riders sponsor or participate in local and national charity events in support of the sponsoring American Legion Post.

Legion Riders ride to raise money for such organizations as local VA Hospitals, Battered Women and Children's Centers, Varied Children and Youth Programs, a School for Blind Children, Veterans Relief, Needy Families and many, many others.

Legion Riders founded a national movement called “Patriot Guard” (www.patriotguard.org) that honors and protects the sanctity of military funerals and memorial services.

Legion Riders have formed special motorcycle Honor Guards and ceremonial teams highlighting the special bonds formed in military service and the motorcycling community.

Legion Riders have also begun to teach motorcycle and driver safety in the community and in schools in co-operation with ABATE and other national motorcycling organizations.

Remember: American Legion Riders are a very dedicated group of Legion Family members. When your Post or district sponsors a new Riders organization, you create a win/win situation for your Post, District, and Department!

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