James F. Daniel, Jr. American Legion Post 3


Museum Procedures Manual


  1. Purpose – Mission Statement


  1. The mission of the museum is to collect and display artifacts, historical items, and history of wars and conflicts where the United States of America has been involved. 


  1. Introduction
    1. The American Legion War Museum of The James F. Daniel, Jr. American Legion Post 3 of Greenville, SC commemorates the United States Military dating back to 1754 and the French and Indian War thru current conflicts.  Artifacts from these periods of war will be displayed in the museum.  The history will be maintained in data files.  Soldier’s stories will be told. The goal of the museum is to preserve this history for future generations to provide advanced education to school children and adults as to the involvement of the United States in wars defining causes as known, the combatants, both allies and enemy, and the results.  As time progresses the results may change as information is released. 


The museum will also contain sections for American Legion Post 3 history and specific events that occurred in and around Greenville, SC in these great wars.Accommodated in the American Legion History section will be the American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, American Legion Riders and the Color / Honor Guard.


The museum will be a home for military history providing an environment where veterans, families, and the average citizen can learn, reflect, remember the dedication and devotion to duty and country of the U.S. Military personnel.


  1. Organization


  1. Authorization
    1. American Legion. Post # 3 approvals by The Executive Committee and the Post membership by majority vote.
    2. THE AUTHORITY FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT AND OPERATION OF THE AMERICAN LEGION WAR MUSEUM is by the Constitution and Bi-Laws of the American Legion Post 3 Greenville, SC; Article X, and the   Articles of Incorporation.
    3. The permanent name of the Museum will be “The American Legion War



  1. The Office of the Secretary of State of South Carolina, September 2002, granted a Certificate of Incorporation, a Nonprofit Corporation to The Post for operation of The American Legion War Museum (hereafter called the Museum).  The purpose of the Museum will be the collection and displaying of military war artifacts of all wars involving the United States of America.


  1. The Museum is tax exempt Registered as a 501C-19 non-profit Veterans Organization.


  1. State and federal filings
    1. All state and federal filings will be reviewed by the Post 3 executive committee and Post 3 accountant.  Legal advice will be acquired on an as need basis.   


  1. Museum Board


  1. Membership
    1.   An American Legion War Museum Board (hereafter called the Museum Board) will be established.  The Museum Board will consist of six (6) members plus the current Post 3 Commander whom will serve as Chairperson.  The members will serve a three year term with two (2) being appointed by the current Post 3 Commander and ratified by the current Executive Committee in December of each year.  The term of the board members will begin the next January 1st and they will serve without compensation.  During the January meeting the Museum Board will select from the Museum Board members a Museum Director to serve a one year term
    2. Members in good standing of the American Legion Post 3, SAL Squadron 3 and ALA Unit 3 will be eligible for position on the Museum Board.  If a member is unable to complete their term of service the current Post 3 Commander will appoint a replacement to fulfill the unexpired term of the member to be replaced.  The replacement member will be ratified by the Executive Committee.  For the inception of this board the current commander will select six (6) members for staggered terms and present them to the Executive Board for ratification.
    3. Fifty percent of the current Museum Board members will constitute a quorum and two thirds will be required in attendance to vote excluding the Chairperson.  The Chairperson will only vote in case of a tie.  There will be minutes recorded of all Museum Board meetings and filed with the Post 3 Adjutant.  Any ad hoc meetings will be reported on at the next Museum Board regular meeting.
    4. The Museum Board will create and maintain an “Operations Manual” (Procedures) defining the operating criteria of the museum.
    5. The aforementioned manual may be amended at any time.  The amended section will be reviewed and approved by the Museum Board and submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.



  1. Museum Director  
    1. Museum Director (hereafter called Director) will be responsible for the day to day operations of the museum.  Reports to the Post 3 Commander and the Museum Board. The Post 3 Commander and Museum Board will be responsible for the oversight of the Museum Director.   The Post 3 Executive Committee will review all procedures of the museum and have final approval of their enactment.


  1. Responsibilities


  1. Day to Day operation
  2. Reports monthly to the Executive Committee
  3. Scheduling and management of workers
  4. Budget
  5. Display preparation
  6. Housekeeping


  1. Qualifications
    1. Must be in good standing as a member of The American Legion Post 003
    2. Is subject to a background investigation
    3. It is desirable that the Director be a knowledgeable historian and have strong feelings regarding military artifacts


  1. Subsidiary  units
    1. None at this time


  1. Volunteer Workers


  1. Responsibilities
    1. Greet and sign in visitors
    2. Knowledge of museum flow and displays
    3. Ensure museum is clean and free of debris
  2. Dress Code for volunteers and workers
    1. During the open hours Greeters will  be neatly attired, business casual or equal
  3. Qualification
    1. Must be in good standing as a member of the American Legion Post 003and its subsidiary units.
    2. May be subject to a background investigation
    3. Training will be provided for familiarization with museum procedures.


  1. Function


  1. Web Site
    1. Requires approval of Executive Committee


  1. Literature
    1. Requires approval of Executive Committee


  1. Budget
    1. A listing of potential expenses shall be submitted to the Executive Committee in May covering the period of Post 3 Fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) for review.  The review will determine need and associated fund raising activity to support need.
    2. All potential and real expenses shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval prior to purchase and payment.


  1. Donations
    1. All financial and in-kind donations shall be the property of Post 3.  Financial donations will be used to offset the operating expenses of the museum and fund approved museum activities.  Financial donations specifically earmarked for purpose shall be used for that purpose pending Executive Board approval.  In-kind donations will be reviewed by the Museum Board and Executive Committee for proper use.
    2. The American Legion is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are               

tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.Our Federal EIN is 57-6024689.The American Legion does not receive any government funding and is dependent upon cash and in-kind donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations to fund and provide equipment and materials for its programs.The IRS requires individuals who make charitable donations of noncash gifts, in good used condition or better, of 4500 or more, must file and IRS Form 8283 with their tax return to claim the deduction.Consult your accountant or tax preparer for details.It is the responsibility of the donor to establish a fair market value of their Donation, not the charitable organization.


  1. Artifacts
    1. Artifact offer for donation
      1. Acceptance of an artifact shall be by donation only after inspection be the Museum Director and or the Museum Board. 
        1. If accepted the artifact will be logged in on the appropriate form which will dated and signed by the recipient and stamped by Museum Seal. 
      2. Cataloging (Add in write up when available on cataloging)
      3. Display
        1. Artifacts shall be displayed at the discretion of the Museum Director, the Museum Board, or theme team.
      4. Storage
        1. All artifacts not on display will be inventoried and stored in a protected area.
      5. Surplus, items deemed to be in surplus may be traded, disposed of, or sold.
    2. Resources


  1. Visitors Information
    1. Opening Hours for visitation
      1. Saturday – 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday -1 pm to 5 pm

Other time(s) by appointment

  1. Closure Dates
    1. Specifically on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Easter Sunday and associated weekend.
  2. Guided Tours
    1. Prearranged and scheduled
  3. Demonstrations


  1. Education
    1. Seminars (cover topics related to many sections and exhibits in the museum)
    2. Schools
    3. Social Groups
    4. Young People
  2. Theme events
    1. Legion Centennial
    2. Post Centennial
    3. Annual Legion Birthday
    4. Other
  3. Displays
    1. Shall be presented to the Museum Board for approval.  The Museum Director is responsible for this activity.


  1. Press and Public Relations
    1. All correspondence internal and external shall be approved by the Museum Board and Executive Committee.  Any correspondence needed prior to the next opportunity for aforementioned approval must be approved by the Museum director ad current Commander and Vice Commanders. 


  1. Friends and Sponsors


  1. Associations
    1. Professional museum societies
    2. Local museums
      1. List Greenville County Museums
        1. Upstate Museum
        2. Confederate Museum
        3. Greenville Children’s Museum
        4. U.S. Army 415th Chemical Brigade Museum
      2. Information Needed
        1. Contact information
        2. Visitations
        3. Trading agreements




  1. Future Initiative(s)


  1. Museum Shop – A store where surplus artifacts and Legion paraphernalia may be sold       through donations


  1. Exhibits –
    1. Donation Form
    2. Release Form